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Oxblood, chartreuse, and Prada

March 6, 2011

It is the 6th of march and C’est beau. A certain artist used to keep a journal. And everyday he would comment on the weather. It’s nice today. The weather was that interesting sleepy kind of drowsy drizzling spring waking up kind of weather.

The jacket is an older design of mine– a one of a kind. If you think this would be great cut for spring, comment what kind of fabrics you would like to see it in. Should I make  a bunch like this and post it on Etsy for YOU?

By the way, very soon new spring things will be found at me Etsy shop at

The blouse, purse and skirt are thrifted. I paid 10 cents for this skirt. Basic black A-line (not A-frame, loves, you are not a house). It is military commission. I should show you other ones I got at the same time and the cool ways I altered them (later). Basic black A-line-you will wear it about a million times in your life. Also, a Khaki A-line. HEY! not everything in your closet needs to shout. Some things are so classic, so under the radar that…well…wear something that eveyone will not notice.


See the cool leather tassels that I added to my thrifted bag. The marriage of oxblood and chartreuse.

Speaking of  the uniform, this photo is a nod to mistress of working-class chic Muiccia Prada  who loves uniforms and whoever gets the inside joke, MAKE A COMMENT!


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