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A brief history of the word “vogue” or why girls should stay away from sailors

March 16, 2011

How many of you trendsetters out there realize that the whole “trend” thing and “vogue” thing is based on sailing vocabulary?

The etymomlogy of the word vogue is as follows from Webster’s Third New International Dictionary: it is from the Middle French, action of rowing, course, fashion, vogue. It goes on to say that from Old Italian voga, from the verb vogare, to row, sail: which is akin to Old Spanish bogar, to sail. Suffice it to say that sailing was very much a part of the reason for fashion on a couple of different levels: new fashions were brought from different shores and slightly more suspiciously and conspicuously, girls in every harbor prized a sailor shirt which was a sailor‘s shirt after all. This may have been looked on askance by the betters in the community because I dare mention there is only one way for a girl to get a sailor’s shirt from off his back. . ahem

A preview of a recent project of mine that will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

White button down skirt with giant pea coat buttons and I’m thinking about making a sailor / pea  coat short jacket to match.

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