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December 30, 2010

This is a skirt that I designed for a friend of mine who was going to the wedding of her step-daughter. Tina and I decided that she needed to wear something that everybody would not notice.

I had an idea of what would be flattering to Tina. Then we found an illustration of it as we were sweeping through the local fabric store.

We picked a few yards of crepe back satin.

By the way, here is where I must break in with a secret. Always buy five yards of fabric for any project no matter what the project is. Unless of course, you are making some kind of Society for Creative Anachronisms High Renaissance piece or a Victorian Re-enactment dress, but in that case I would ask you, “WHY? Why are you wearing a costume and why are you spending so much time re-enacting when we have so little time for our REAL lives.” Anyway…snark,snark.

The first secret I shared with you just now was what???


So that’s why we chose this subdued shade of fawn. Tina had the brilliant brainstorm of using the wrong side (or the matte side) of the crepe-back satin for the top of the skirt. We think it made the design more original and drew less attention to the derriere (pardon my french and excuse the absence of the accent grave…pardon).

The entire skirt is cut on the bias and and self-lined with the crepe-back satin including the bias-cut flounce. Why? Because it was the difference between a curling, cheap looking 3/8″ hem or a beautiful “meaty” luxurious weighty drape.

If you are interested in a custom creation or a line for your boutique, I would love to hear from you. I can be found on my facebook fanpage, DANIELLE CELESTE.

A bientot!!


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